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Dockwise Yacht Transport´s sinking ship Graham Hawkes introduces his one-man submersible Deepflight at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The checkered flag is waved at the 2009 Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races Tall Ships Challenge Atlantic Coast 2012 is a hit on the Eastern Seaboard ESPN Sports Center´s Stuart Scott features the Rolex Swan Regatta ABC 6 explains a sinking ship to viewers with its piece on Dockwise Yacht Transport

Volume Eleven Number Two Fall, 2000

NYYC Race wEEK_02 72 BadaBing.jpgWhen the New York Yacht Club decided to combine its biennial Race Week at Newport with the IMS Worlds, MEDIA PRO rolled up its sleeves to bring cohesiveness to an international media plan. Along with operating an on-site press office for dozens of attending journalists, MEDIA PRO helped pave the logistical way for Strategic Advertising of London to televise the event for title sponsor Rolex. MEDIA PRO also coordinated placement of Strategic-supplied video with Sports News TV, a division of Associated Press Television news service, which distributed internationally a two-minute package with a voiceover script and sound bites from the winners to 176 territories, reaching 782,245,595 homes. Similar placements with CNN Sports Illustrated and Providence news stations were successful from both standpoints of colorful event coverage and successful integration of Rolex’s corporate involvement.

Olympics Picture00 Olympics_P9080016.jpgAt the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, MEDIA PRO’s Barby MacGowan served as the U.S. Olympic Committee's press liaison for sailing, working with hundreds of photographers and news teams on-site to coordinate interviews with the 18-member U.S. Olympic Sailing Team, its coaches and team leaders. Transmission of nightly releases and results back to the States fulfilled hundreds more sports and hometown press requests. In the end, most colorful were Gary Jobson’s nightly sailing reports for MSNBC and a special NBC Today Show segment featuring the 49er class bronze medallists Jonathan and Charlie McKee. Backing MacGowan and publicizing the US Sailing Team and Disabled Team for the four years leading up to the Olympics was MEDIA PRO’s Jan Harley. The next quadrennium (2001-2004) will mark the third in which MEDIA PRO has managed similar efforts on behalf of US SAILING’s Olympic Sailing Committee.

That about says it all!

“Thanks again for keeping me updated on the Olympic Team. When are you going to have an IPO and hit the big time? You all deserve much more recognition for your outstanding efforts on behalf of sailing.”

--Matt Jones, professional race manager